list of materials needed to build a home?

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Question by Jonathan: list of materials needed to build a home?
i need a list of materials that are needed in order to build a house. structure. insulation etc.
this is for a project. and i just need a list of materials in oreder to build a house. i am not really building it.

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Answer by STEVEN F
Professional help. If you think It is POSSIBLE to post a complete list, you are not remotely qualified to build a shed.

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3 Responses to “list of materials needed to build a home?”
  1. TOOL GUY Says:

    If you have a set of prints most lumber yards will generate a list of materials. They will probably charge you for this service and possibly refund this if you buy your materials from them. I don’t know about the box stores but they may do this for no charge. Just remember sometimes you get what you pay for.
    Good Luck

  2. linka Says:

    now that is a tall order which would take a long time to list being as we do not know the type of structure you seek to build, best go to an building quantity supplier with your measurments and they will assist giving you a list.

  3. Electrical Inspector Says:

    This is one of those “If you have to ask….” type questions.

    From the ground up (actually, below ground) you can start with footing form materials, concrete and rebar for footings and foundation, acorn clamp and #4AWG Copper Wire for attaching the Ufer Ground to the footing rebar, wall forms or concrete block, anchor bolts, drain tiles and resin paper, foundation damp-proofing, treated sill plate material, steel shims for sill plate, sill sealer, 2 – eight foot ground roods, #4 or # 6 AWG Main Grounding Electrode Conductor, Sewer Line material, PVC or Cast Iron Underground plumbing (Waste) lines, CPVC or Copper underground (maybe PEX) water lines, sump pump. ejector pump, column material, pea stone, vapor barrier material, expansion joint material, Welded Wire Mesh; and now you areabout ready to go above ground.

    Bring your plans to your local lumber yard (NOT the home center) and ask if they do a material take off; if not, trust your subs, they’ll know what to order, and how much.

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